About Diamond Pools and Spa

Diamond Pools and Spa is a company founded by John Duboyski who has been in the fiberglass pool business since 1980. Located in Connecticut, our company offers best fiberglass pools in the entire state of Connecticut.

Serenity Fiberglass PoolDiamond Pools and Spa produces fiberglass pools according to the highest industry standards. Our superior craftsmanship, experience, professionalism and attention to details set us apart from our competition and allow us deliver fiberglass pools of immaculate quality.

Our company has recently partnered with Latham Pools & Glimmer Glass Pools to increase its product range. Now we can offer a wider range of fiberglass pools to our customers in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer fiberglass lap pools and in-ground fiberglass pools.

Advantages of fiberglass pools include their smooth, nonabrasive finish, their inert composition that prohibits fungi growth. Fiberglass pools require much lower maintenance costs and less chemicals for cleaning. In addition, fiberglass pools never require resurfacing or liner replacement like their vinyl-lined equivalents.

Our customers love our products for their unsurpassed quality and a great choice of exciting options. Our fiberglass pool prices are highly competitive considering their superior quality.

At Diamond Pools and Spa, we sell the best fiberglass pools you can find in the state of Connecticut.