More than 50 years ago people were building in ground swimming pools out of concrete as well as using vinyl liners to contain water. In the late 1950’s fiberglass was introduced to the swimming pool industry, and a quite revolution began.

Atlantic Fiberglass Pool
Investing in a Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools offer numerous advantages that concrete or liner pools cannot. Concrete pools are constructed with concrete walls and a plaster finish on the interior walls and floors, which over time need to be resurfaced, acid washed, and repainted. Although concrete is strong, it does not have the ability to flex with ground movement and thus will begin crack over time.

vinyl liner pools, although cheaper on initial investment are constructed with steel, polymer or stainless steel walls and a floor shaped with a sand or vermiculite floor. A vinyl liner typically about the thickness of a business card is installed covering the floor and walls thus creating the container for the pool water. Liners will generally last 12-15 years with a proper installation. Vinyl liner often come with warranties that often appear attractive at first, however usually have so many exclusions that a replacement under a warranty process can be very difficult to prove a manufactures defect. Pets and other animals are also a big concern with liner pools as the liner can be punctured causing your pool to leak, and need to be repaired with an unsightly patch.

Our Fiberglass pools are constructed to the highest standards using the finest raw materials available. The satin smooth gel coat surface on the interior of the pool alone is almost twice the thickness of a liner. Fiberglass is a non-porous inert material ideal for swimming pools. Because the gel coat surface is smooth and non porous your use of pool chemicals may be reduced by up to 70%. Energy costs may also be reduced by up to 30% as your pump and filter will have reduced run time. Fiberglass is 17 times stronger than concrete and has the ability to flex and move with the ground without cracking.